What makes some blink-182 songs more popular than others? Part 1

Justification (Background) For Christmas one year while I was in elementary school, my next-door neighbor got a GameCube from Santa Claus, and he gave me his old Nintendo 64 along with all his games. I was in heaven. I would play Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 for hours and hours (until I got a C+ in my 6th grade English class and my mom took it away). I didn’t have a memory card, so I had to leave the game running overnight for several days in order to make it to the later levels of the game.

Summer Goals, starting a blog in an hour a day, and Iris

Being in school is great—at the end of each semester, I feel like I can restart my life and make New Year’s Resolutions. My big resolution now that winter semester is over is to develop a data science portfolio in the form of a blog. I can’t dedicate my whole summer to blogging, but I am pretty confident that I can carve out an hour of time every day to spend on this.

CAFA PI Data Exploration

The Challenge This semester, I’ve been working with the BYU Bioinformatics Research Group on the CAFA PI challenge. The goal of CAFA PI is to predict which proteins perform some specific functions. The first major roadblock: no training data was provided. So we divided into three groups: Data acquisition (we needed to get our hands on some training data), Data transformation (said training data needed to be formatted), and Data analytics.

Testing R Markdown

Here are a few lines of R code. For some reason the a is showing up with some really weird styling. a <- 1 b <- 2 c <- a + b c ## [1] 3 And here are a few lines of Python, just to test whether the syntax highlighting looks good. def say_hi(name): print("Hello,", name) return 1 + 2 say_hi("World") ## Hello, World Let’s test a knitr::kable: knitr::kable( head(iris, 10), "html", caption = "Cool caption" ) Table 1: Cool caption Sepal.